victor hugo once said: the cause is noble flower, and fruit is sweet cause, let us do the cause of the leaves, because the cause of the industry is extraordinary and humble, teachers silently as the green leaves that, when the moment carved frame of the beautiful flowers.

  today i also had the honor of doing the cause of the leaf, but i was still young leaves, when i set foot on this land, i hesitate, i can do please? but when i saw a senior education, i can be very proud to tell you that i have no regrets today is who leaves this determination to do so is she, an ordinary teacher, a bit ordinary private kindergarten teachers - teachers twenty years ago since she labeled as "child king" crown, it is destined to accompany her with the ordinary, there is no substantial income, no enjoyment of luxury, there are only busy life and shoulder heavy responsibilities, in this extraordinary early childhood education position, has spent more than two dozen spring and autumn annals, he no regrets, she "does not obliterate the heart of love," as a motto to inspire, and remind ourselves to constantly improve themselves.

  20 years ago, a woman, in the absence of any conditions with the help of a man propped up this banner, what she has insisted this is love, love of children is a love of education, for many years, her rain or shine, as she said, so the teacher, i extraordinary, and so the teacher, i am rich, and so the teacher, i am happy, and so the teacher, i have no reason to regret this life. she once said: every day to come into contact with a group of innocent children is a well-being. therefore, she and the children often work together to build a rectangular square has become a high-rise buildings, with mickey mouse and donald duck into the tens of thousands of households crayon green with red chalk depicting the future world, using fine silk thread woven cloth beautiful fairy tale, it is so light in young children in the fading golden childhood, but her heart will not increase with age and the disappearance of the passage of time. i asked her when a teacher what is most needed? she answered without hesitation: "love", teachers are the implication of a love and dedication, the hearts of teachers, teachers of the situation should be like a rain shower flower leaves, and only in the growth of love in their hearts to their children is pure and beautiful of. her children were very small age, poor self-care and will not wear , xu things which are silently every day for her children were doing, i remember on one occasion, a child was accidentally nails poked feet, from a thick, she use mouth to suction out the child, children trousers pulled the stool, she took the children to take home for the cautious good clothes. encounter these things, she always said no, and their children are. XX to december 19 of a mother is the most cruel day, this day, her son, only 24 years old, was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, the teacher leaves the face of this news, the really faint passed you can not, ah, his children a few days ago it was good, how can god do that to a kind-hearted mother, ah, when all the others have insisted that the mother could not, she died of illness in children after less than a week has returned to the classroom, the children returned to the side, what is it? what is a mother will allow us to do this, is love, he said, these points are not her darling baby, are her most beloved child.

  everyone says: teachers is too ordinary, and yes, teachers are extraordinary, but the cause is great, because they are quietly engaged in the cause of the dedication and selfless sacrifice.


  今天的我,也有幸做了叶的事业,不过我还是一片嫩叶,当我踏上这片土地的时候,我犹豫了,我能做的好吗?但是当我看到了一位教育前辈时,我可以非常自豪的告诉大家,今天的我无怨无悔,是谁让这片嫩叶有如此的决心呢,是她,一位平凡的教师,一位平凡的民办幼儿教师——叶小英老师自从二十年前她戴上“孩子王”的桂冠后,就注定她要与平凡相伴,没有丰厚的收入,没有奢华的享受,有的只是生活的忙碌和肩头沉甸甸的责任,在这平凡的幼教岗位上,已度过了二十几个春秋,他无怨无悔,她以“不泯的童心 眷眷的爱心,”作为座右铭来激励自己,鞭策自己,不断完善自己。